Horse and ponys

The evolution of horse riding

The horse appears as the true friend of man ever since. This animal was used for war, to pull trolleys, for personal transport etc. And afterwards for the races. According to historians, horse racing existed far beyond antiquity when nomads were racing in Central Asia. Later, other researchers claim that the real races took place during the Olympic Games of 683 BC. JC. It took little time for this sport to spread all over the world.

For a little horse story

Horse racing is a great story. It is above all an entertainment and a game. It has developed around this activity various bets of money which has sharpened even more the passion among the people. Indeed, apart from riders and horse owners, horse races represent a great investment for private individuals or professional bettors. If in the antiquity these races were part of the Circus, it was largely an exciting affair that buildings like horse palaces had been erected to organize this activity. In other words, how much people loved this sport from Kings to commoners. In ancient times the jockeys of today were called Auriges who executed the races under duress. Currently, it is more a passion and a very privileged sport.

Countries that dominate horse racing

Equestrian sport has survived wars, revolution, climate change and now the technological revolution. He has kept his place since the faction of the noble aristocrats and the faction of the people still dominated. Around 1500, it was the English who dominated the equestrian world and even the saddles that corresponded to their mark. Race regulations were beginning to rain. Later, the French followed the trend and set a real goal with this discipline. Since then, there are every season of major races that are the subject of bets throughout the world. And there are even more enthusiasts both at the level of the race as passion and sport for the rider and at the level of the race as a lucrative activity.

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