Horse and ponys

The art of winter horseriding

If riding enthusiasts are more used to riding on a nice day, there are also those who climb even in winter. Hoseful or well-to-do? Everyone's choice. In any case, to make riding in full cold period is a great art. It takes more effort for the rider to have a better balance but especially to be comfortable on the animal.

How to adapt to winter?

If the rider does not withstand the cold without a good preparation, the horse, on the contrary, is more at ease. Indeed, the cold suits him better than the heat. The horse is an animal that adapts quickly to different weather, so the change from heat to cold does not affect it as much, besides it adapts biologically to these climatic changes. This animal undergoes a natural process which means that with the accumulation of foods during the autumn it can easily survive in winter because its fur will be thicker and voluminous creating a perfect insulation for its body. Also, there is no need to worry about the horse. On the other hand, the rider must be more trained to face the cold. First, it is extremely difficult to ride riding with several layers of clothing and even less with thick clothes. To be sure to climb with the cold, it is necessary to prefer insulating and flexible materials such as leather like suit, with boots and a bonnet. Afterwards, it is always possible to wear less bulky clothing.

Horse riding in the cold

Before starting your trots, it is useful to warm up a little bit because the muscles are more sensitive to cramps when it is cold. After wearing gloves, the rider can easily handle the horse. We also need used french saddles as equipment to provide as much comfort for the horse as for the jockey because the saddles of occasions are much more flexible and already trimmed therefore more adapted and safe. In any case, it is necessary to take all the safety measures in relation to the accessories but also to the circuits to be able to mount in winter.

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