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The advantages of CWD saddles over the competition

The saddle is an important accessory for horse riding. It is on it that the rider rests upon when he is on his horse. It is therefore important to choose the right saddle for horse riding, especially since a good saddle depends on the riding discipline and the horse’s morphology. CWD is one of the most sought-after brands on the market. We are about to tell you why.

An Ancestral and Unique Savoir-faire at CWD

CWD saddler is a French craftsman who manufactures custom saddles for his customers. This French company is based on the ancestral know-how and the professionalism of its craftsmen. In fact, CWS saddles are handmade to guarantee a finished product of quality and high performance. This french savoir-faire has also made many award-winning professional athletes happy in major international competitions.

New and Second-hand Saddles for All Budgets

At CWD shops and resellers, you will find new saddles, tailor-made for every occasion. The choice of leather is meticulously made in order to offer you a quality finished product. Moreover, the cost of new saddles can put a curb on shopping’s impetus of some people. That’s why saddlers refurbish worn-out saddles in order to offer them at the best price. So you can afford to buy cwd used saddles at very attractive prices and benefit from a quality saddle for the practice of your favorite sport.

Certified Brand and a Unique Offer

CWD saddler benefits from the EPV label (living heritage company label from France). This label highlights the excellence of the saddler’s products. The latter works with quality products from local breeding. In addition, this know-how also affects the range of composite saddles offered by the brand. These are ultra-technological saddles that have proven their worth at the London Olympics. Thanks to its state-of-the-art saddles, CWD saddlery positions itself as a pioneer in the world of saddlery.

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