Horse and ponys

My passion...

Being passionate about horses, I decided to make a blog on the horse. Here you will find all sorts of information about the horses (the dresses, races, maintaining the horse's diet ...). Regarding the information on horse races, for example, they come from books on horses or from my personal knowledge. It is the same for all other information presented on the blog.The photos come from the web, it is better quality, but may also come from my camera.

The horse: a teacher of life

For many riders, the contact with the animal can approach a form of love, especially one that is unconditional: impossible to get it feelings similar to those we wear it! By nature, it is not demonstrative. Although it acted in bad mood, we know that this is not malice. Perhaps have we blundered. Maybe the day before it was mounted by a brutal rider. In fact, the relationship with the horse requires us to be less impulsive and more reflective, it teaches us patience ! You do not stop loving your horse after a fall or because of a kick. Conversely, it is constantly seeking to earn its trust, to be accepted. This love easily turns to passion.

My horse, my passion

It is my friend, my confidant ... it never hurt me ... mentally. It is magnificent. It gives me a lot of good ! My horse is simply my life ! My passion for horse riding is having to work with the horse in communication with the animal. This is to link with the animal to make it understand what we want , but everything with clearly and suptile way . The beauty in this is that there is no answer because ​​each horse is unique and you can never predict everything ... When you're on the same wavelength as a horse it's a bit like feeling its strength and power. It is a deep bond created with the animal, it provides us ...

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