Horse and ponys

How did you discover that you were in fond of horses ??

Riding is a passion practiced for the chandeliers. Its history is rich and itself can explain the passion of all horsemen. It is this passion that has led to the development of each equestrian activity. We must also say that every aspect of riding is important to start with saddle binding the horse rider.

Horse riding: a love story

By definition, riding is the use of the horse in many forms such as hunting, war, porting and traction. Through history, the horse was domesticated in Central Asia since the most ancient times and was imported to China, West Asia, Europe and Africa, during migration of nomadic pastoralists. The first performance of a rider comes from the second millennium BC Crete. AD It is in all antiquity that man gradually invent horses in order to use the horse for hunting or fighting. But the problem was how to tarnish firmly on the horse and take him and two. That's solve this he had to invent the harness, saddle and saddle clamps. And this is the beginning of the Middle Ages that spruces Sassanid transmit all the Arab people.

The saddle: an essential quality

The saddle is the tool to merge the horse and rider. The saddle should be of the highest quality to enable total control of the horse. Only it is that this seat is suitable for both the rider and the horse for comfort. It is in this light antares saddles conceptualized his stool to take into account the needs of both parties. The Antares saddles are handmade and customized to the desires for everyone to taste the taste of quality. This concern for every detail has made Antares saddles one of the best brands currently serve to enthusiasts both professionals and enthusiast.

Winners 2006 champions and 2010 two World Equestrian Games were even able to confirm this. But the brand Antares is not only specialized in the saddle since it also offers currently helmets and customization is always required.

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