Horse and ponys

All purpose and dressage saddles

Many accessories are used during the practice of horse riding. Each accessory is designed to enhance the enjoyment of all practitioners. Of course, we talk about safety with these articles which tend to protect both the rider and the equine. The saddle is a must-have accessory. It will then be advisable to choose it well. This is especially true when the saddle is used for very specific purposes such as training horses.

The choice of saddle

The saddle is an important element when practicing riding. Indeed, it is she who guarantees both the comfort and the safety of the horse and the rider. It is used to increase the stability of the rider during practice. Thus, it will be all the more picky. As for the horse, the saddle serves mainly to protect its back. It will of course be advisable to choose the saddle according to the discipline you will undertake to make. We can distinguish several disciplines in force as far as riding is concerned. It is according to the specificities of the discipline that you practice that you will then choose your saddles. It will be nevertheless necessary to refer to the bases of the choice when buying the saddle. There is the size of the saddle. At this level, it is advisable not to buy a saddle too right in front of the size of the horse. Then comes the shape of the saddle as well as its aestheticism.

Several possibilities for dressage

In the case of the choice of a training saddle, it will be advisable to choose the best. When we refer to the best, we talk about quality. At this level, the big brands will guarantee you the best. So by opting for the big brands, you will opt for optimal efficiency and solidity. Everything will go in the direction of comfort and robustness. On the equitack site, you will have a wide range of choices as to what is the saddle intended for horse training. Besides the efficiency of the saddle, professional service will enhance your choice.

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