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Passionate of horses ? Welcome !

If you are a horse enthusiast, you are welcome on our platform. Our site is intended for beginners in riding but also professionnels. is one of the best riding of all websites allowing you to know everything about your horse and learn to take care of it at any time. Everything you need to know about horses, you can find them on our website as it relates to equipment, training techniques, disciplines, obstacles, competitions, the horse's health, their foods and others.

Learning to speak the horse

To become a good rider, it is important to talk about the horse. That is, to learn to understand and know enforce compliance. For a horse and earn his respect, it will take time and patience. It is impossible that we learn so many things in one day and he was forced to do something he does not like. Patience and understanding are so crucial to be one with his mount. teaches you to speak the horse, helping you make a good faith, reveals all the secrets to good training to be successful in terms of competition, to find the best equipment for either the rider or his mount to discover the best places for horse riding, to help you take good care of your horse that is healthy or not, to make you discover another world so you can thrive more in your daily life . You then are beginners in the equestrian field or are professionals who want to improve in a particular discipline, you are welcome on our website.
You can contact us anytime if you need help, information or information from our contact form. You will have access to qualified professional instructors and state-certified to support you or help you in your equine performance any discipline you plan to master or to learn regarding riding.