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Where to get the best quality used saddles

To find a used saddle, there are several solutions:
- Buy on Facebook groups. This is the easiest way to buy an item online and therefore a saddle. Caution, however, photos can easily be only somewhat representative of the condition of equipment.
- Buy on general sites. Of course, sites like Ebay, offering a wide selection of saddles sold by individuals. If prices are often very attractive, little guidance is provided on the saddle. It is easy to make mistakes and so to buy a Eric Thomas while you wanted a Devoucoux or to have a saddle unsuited to your body, not to mention that of your horse.
- Buy on the "equestrian" sites. Again, many offers to sell used saddles are available on sites such as Equirodi, Preppy Sports, etc. The advantage of these sites lies in rangement. Unfortunately, sometimes it's easy and quick to be fooled by unscrupulous people who post photos "arranged" or "forget" to clarify that the tree is broken or that the seat is no longer balanced by example.

But to get the best quality used saddles, there are not 36 solutions:

- Buy on our site. CWD, Devoucoux, Butet, Voltaire ... Most of the renowned saddlers have now are specializing in the sale of used saddles. Prices are then made on their sales base to which are added the years as well as the general state of the saddle, much like a car arius, and help find all sizes and saddles.These seats are checked in the workshop, so you can be sure that the leather does not crack after a few uses, or to avoid buying a saddle with broken tree. The saddles are, for the most part, available with a trial period, and repayment is possible.
I wanted to take this paragraph to introduce This is a site specializing in the sale of used saddles brands. You will find a wide selection of saddles for all disciplines with the guarantee of a saddle checked in workshop. A trial period allows you to try the saddle on your horse. If returned, the refund is possible.

You can have the best used french saddles, here !

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