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What should we check before buying a saddle ?

Professionals will tell you, the choice of a riding saddle is an important step. It conditions the good practice of this sport. That’s why, you must pay close attention when you are about to buy your saddle. Here are some points to check before you buying a new saddle.

Define the type of sport you want to practice

Because the muscles request of the rider and horse are different from one sport to another, they need an accessory that ensures comfort, stability and safety. That is why, before you start buying a saddle, it is important to define the type of sport you want to practice. Thus, a saddle for endurance will not be the same as a saddle for jumping or dressage. Although there are universal saddles, the ideal is to possess a unique saddle for each type of equestrian disciplines.

The material and condition of your future saddle

There are mainly two types of saddles: leather saddles and synthetic saddles. It all depends on your budget and the end use of your accessory. For example, those who practice riding frequently will opt for a leather saddle because it is more resistant and more elegant. Otherwise, the weekend riders can settle for synthetic saddles for more punctual use. In addition, they are lighter and easier to maintain.

About their condition, you will have the choice between new and used saddles. These one are as robust and safe as new ones and allow you to save money. click here to find out where to find top quality saddles at cheap prices.

Choosing the correct saddle size

The perfect saddle is the one that fits perfectly to the horse. Each animal having a particular morphology, the saddle must be of the right size and properly wedge its back. The shape of the withers, that of the tree, the balance of the saddle, etc. are all parameters to be taken into account.

In all cases, the best way to make sure is to try the saddle directly on his horse’s back; unless you hire a saddle fitter.

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