Horse and ponys

Ride with your intelligence and your feelings

Ride his horse with intelligence and feelings means working his horse in the good attitude and going up it in the good attitude.Only a casual rider, can ride a relaxed horse. Riding in this way should be your goal then only you perceive your horse and be in harmony with it.

Working your horse in the right attitude

For most novice riders, the goal of riding is to just stay in the saddle in all circumstances. When he reached a stage of more important equestrian improvement, the rider begins looking for inevitable optimizing performance of his horse.The right attitude of the horse is the one in which it can mobilize all its forces and easily carry its rider without harming its physical integrity.You must also think about the mental state of the horse, working in the right attitude should cause a general relaxation with jaw assignment, transfer neck, weight transfer onto the back hand and a light touch with the mouth.

The ride in the right attitude

Do not look for the "beautiful attitude" on horseback. Look instead the right attitude at the right time, in the right balance : you'll necessarily a good attitude. A just gesture is beautiful. You can focus on your body.Your solidity in saddle depend on your position, your balance, in any case on the strength in your legs or your hands. Have heavy buttocks, legs soft: your chest, your shoulders, your arms and hands can then relax, be ready and become light. If you harden your legs, if you tighten the thighs and knees,you will bounce and will jump into your saddle. If you release your lower body, you will then, and only, release the upper body. Relax your lower face, smile inside, you will relax more easily.
On horseback, imagine you are a tree. Get off your legs, move your thighs and knees, pull the toes pointed down. The roots of the tree are your lower body: they seek water to the bottom, deep in the ground. Your spine to the neck stretches into the light, upward.

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