Horse and ponys

How to teach your horse to follow you without reins ?

Horses are among the most popular animals by humans. Soft and unpredictable, they can give a smile to a sad face. That's why equestrian activity is one of the most practiced in the world. With a well trained horse and rider performance, a great love story between two very different beings born. No longer that they can face all the obstacles together.

Even if it sounds exciting to be able to ride a horse at all comfortable, put a reins create a feeling of confinement. This is not always a good thing because the more he feels trapped, it becomes less flexible and nervous. This is one of the main causes of accidents in equestrian activity. The best would be to get rid of the reins and teach him to follow you with a fine used saddles.

Driving without reins

Driving without reins is the best way to prove to your horse that he is free. Thus, there is more calm and sure of himself. To follow someone without reins nevertheless requires the work of professional to inform him of his knowledge. However, if you want to do with you-even, start getting closer to your horse. The friendship between man and the animal is actually very important. If you are not a friend, it becomes difficult to work together. The first step is that you tissiez a friendly relationship to reassure him that he is not alone and that you are there to help. Once you have completed this step, remember to accompany him in all his efforts and training without rein. So you see its evolution, exercises and why not try to practice with him?

The secret to driving without rein is anticipation. Which allows for over 80% of the facts exercises. You actually are not alone lead to the figures, it is he who makes the most. Predict his actions is the solution free driving rein.

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