Horse and ponys

How to find the best products at the right price

Choosing a saddle for a horse is not always an obvious thing. There are so many on the market it is possible to be wrong. Choosing a saddle should be based on some points like the comfort of the rider and the horse, the chosen discipline, the morphology of the couple, the specific equipment and of course the budget. It is especially this last criterion that is problematic to most riders.

Different kinds of saddles

There are several plates on the market. The bardettes are those that children use for their pony. With beads, they allow them to stay in place thanks to their seats both comfortable and wide. The versatile is called a mixed saddle, ideal for work on the flat, for jumping fences or even for a good ride. The only obstacle saddle that is reserved for riders wishing to participate in obstacle races with their mounts. Their cleats promote good leg attachment during the crossing of the obstacle in question, allows the seat to have free movement. That of dressage has several very long neighborhoods for the legs may go down well. Their seats are also comfortable. The outdoor saddle, meanwhile, is the one that is best suited for the comfort of the couple. It is most often used for long walks or hikes. They have rings on which can be fixed the saddlebags.

Tips for finding a cheap seat

A saddle can be very expensive especially if it is new, so we do not often have enough budget to procure despite their amazing production quality. The best way to find cheap would then have a look at these retail sites from particular sites or classified ads. In these, the owners put on sale their used saddles for sale due to relocation or just to get another more likely. There are also these offers discounted offered by some brands and retailers. The most important is to choose the time of purchase.

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