Horse and ponys

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A saddle of a horse is like a car, for it to age well, it needs a regular maintenance. If you have forgotten to grease regularly, you can catch up by starting with a good glycerine soap for saddle leather. There are saddles restored in department stores but also online. Opt for online shopping! Click here to get better restored saddles!

Equitack gives a new look to an old saddle

The saddle should be cleaned everywhere, on the top and under the saddle areas. If it is very dirty, the sponge should be wiped to avoid scratches on the leather. The seams should be thoroughly cleaned, if you have trouble accessing certain places you can use a soft toothbrush. At Equitack, all these aspects are taken into account.

They dry the saddle with a towel before proceeding to the next step: lubrication. They use a special saddle fat of good quality (or balm for saddle). It can be applied with a soft, clean sponge or cloth. They apply a second coat after the first has completely penetrated the leather. By respecting a small drying time, the final result will be better. It is essential to grease everywhere, above and under the saddle areas.

A little expert tip for you

Finish by massaging the leather by hand, it allows better feel leather, places that need more fat than others (under the stirrups for example). Remember that leather stored in a dry and hot place may become dry, stiff and brittle; stored in a humid place, it will be more flexible and adorned with a pretty layer of musty ... To store your leathers, so prefer a place without moisture and fresh.

Finally, enjoy your passion for riding to beautify your saddle by calling on Equitack. The site has more of a large selection of restored saddles for those looking for it.

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