Horse and ponys

Choose a saddle adapted to your size

Are you planning a long riding tour? Before leaving, make sure to choose your hiking equipment, especially the riding saddle, to ensure your comfort, but also that of the horse. The riding saddle is an indispensable of the horse ride.

Choose a riding saddle adapted to its morphology

In principle, the rider's morphology as well as that of the horse determine the choice of the size of the saddle. The aim is to ensure better comfort for one and the other. Thus, the seating area of ​​the seat must be sufficiently comfortable to ensure optimum stability to the rider. For example, for a 14-year-old rider, the seat size will be, for example, 15. The flaps are intended to accommodate the leg when the rider is in a suspension or in a balance position. Standard sized quarters can be quite suitable.

Select a riding saddle according to the size of the horse

The choice of the size of the tree depends on the size of the horse at the level of the shoulders, the withers and the back. In all cases, a customized saddle, adapted to the morphology of the animal, is the best option. You can for example entrust the manufacture of your riding saddle to a craft company specialized in the manufacture of equestrian saddlery equipment.
On the other hand, when you acquire a new saddle, you will simply have to start by placing it on the bare back of your horse to check the following points:
- the saddle must be clear at the withers (at least 2 fingers). And there should be no pressure points.
- the dorsal ridge must be completely cleared, thanks to well-spaced panels.
- the shoulder should be free.
- the saddle should not go too close to the kidneys.

Be sure to choose a great saddle here, even amongst used saddles for sale !

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