Horse and ponys

A saddle can hurt your horse's back!

The equestrian or horse riding is not limited only to practice, but also goes with the facilities that go with it. One of the basic equipment and essential riding is the saddle. Its importance lies in the comfort it provides to the horse and rider at the event. Only, his choice must be rigorous and specific, since a wrong choice will have adverse effects on the horse's back.

The saddle

It will be important to know perfectly the saddle before you can use it. Clearly, the saddle is a leather seat which will turn on the back of the animal. This device is equipped with straps and neighborhoods that maintain perfect posture of the rider. You should know that the very design of the saddle has focused for comfort for both the rider and the horse. Of course, there are as many types of saddle as there are types of equestrian activity, but basically we found two recurring types namely the English saddle and western saddle. The first type is the lightest and thinnest of the two. It goes without saying that the design of the stool was made specifically for the riding of the specific practices to be perfect.

The choice of the saddle

When choosing the saddle, the best would be to appeal to professionals in the field as Otherwise, we can easily use several bases to choose the best saddle for her horse. Above all, it is necessary to refer to the size of the saddle. It will avoid taking a too small saddle or adjusted battery. Regarding the shape of the saddle, it will have to choose depending on the physical and positioning and the stirrup length at the rider. At the fact that you have a saddle monoflap or not, everything is a matter of taste in the background. Of course, there is no preconceived idea when the riding saddle. It will just take these criteria into account to make the right choice. The only exception to this would be to choose a saddle for a predefined type of riding.

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